Friday, June 17, 2016

Andy Warhol, it's all Re-mix! Week 2 Story Critique

"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." - Andy Warhol

Remind you of a mindset from Lankshear & Knobel (2007) Chapter 1: Sampling “the New” in New Literacies? Warhol was the positive mindset that allowed art to move forward and allow the everyday person to experience and feel art like never before. 

Self Portrait Andy Warhol, 1965

With all the talk about re-mix and using new technology this week, could there be a better artist to evaluate news on other than the re-mix master himself. Andy Warhol never created anything that was 'his own', his very idea of art was to take what ever is already there, make it art and accessible to everyone. New technologies? Warhol was an innovator and pioneer for POP art, he set he stage for 'art for the masses' and could be partially responsible for what we call re-mixing today. All those posters and replications of art are all thanks to one quirky man that didn't even want to be an artist, he just wanted to be famous and to never be forgotten. Well played, Warhol! 

This week I will be critiquing an older but relevant digital story from Art News. I will be looking at story, research, and digital craftsmanship. If you need a quick history lesson on Warhol, look here

The Story

is well written and it is obvious that the writer is familiar with Warhol and the many tribulations that have occurred with his work, both during and after his life. I love the the author continuously quotes Warhol and lists the astronomical amounts that the famous 're-mixer' has procured for his works. The story follows a distinct time line and although the story is about a negative topic of scandal and falsehoods, the author keeps a non bias voice. The story is intriguing and keeps the readers attention with the twisting story, even though there is a lot to take in. 


It is very clear that the writer knows their stuff, research is evident and documented, the history reads true to any world class biography. Being that the digital story does appear on an ART website, and that the subject has such a prolific history, I would have liked to see graphics for the pieces mentioned in the article, not just the self portrait. The Brillo boxes are part of the title, don't they deserve a spot on the page? 
Brillo Soap Pad Box,  Andy Warhol 1964

Digital Craftsmanship

In looking at digital craftsmanship, there is a lot to like. The clean page is adorned with complimenting fonts, a colorful header a top the simple black and white page, and typography that is easy to read while pleasing to look at. My only complaint, again, in an ART publication, I expect to see more of the artists work. There is no shortage of Warhol work, and with their being multiple pieces mentioned, I would have added a small image of each.

Below is the 63$ million dollar silk screen by Warhol, well meaning he made the silk screen, he did not take the photo! How is it done, and why is it questionable art? Here is Warhol's non art process

Colin Lankshear - Michele Knobel - elea E-Learning - 2007

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