Friday, June 10, 2016

Bansky- TAG your it! digital story critique

Who doesn't love the enigma that is Bansky, is he real, is he more than one person, does he even exist...

"Its easier to get forgiveness that it is to ask permission"quote left behind on a paper left at the site of the Bristol Tag

This week for a critique of a digital story, it was an obvious choice to look into the millions of posts about Banksy's latest tag. The post that I will be looking at is from DW (Deutsche Welle, German's international broadcastor).

In looking at any Banksy story, (as they all are, no one has yet to really see him or talk to him in person, he exists in the cyber world via his art work only) one can quickly tell if the writer is pro or con his work, and his messages about current society. With this I will be looking at the sense of audience, and flow.

In looking at the sense of audience, it seems that DW writes from the aspect that you might be a first time visitor into the world of Banksy, giving a bit of history and a few supplemental images. I have never heard that Banksy is presumed to be from Bristol, being that this is the audience, I feel it may have been said to bring the story in closer to home. The story spends little time talking about the actual event of the Tag on the Bristol school building before moving on to history and other information about Banksy, again making it seem as if the article is for first time visitors in Banksy's ever fascinating and socially driven art work.

The flow of the article is a little jumpy, giving only a short three sentence to the topic and leaving the the bulk of the information to a video, that really does not give a whole lot of insight either, purposeful to follow in the work of Banksy? The video give a quick bit about how the Tag came to be and the prospect of keeping it after mentioning the price tag in which Banksy's work is currently going for. ( I only have to wonder each time I hear of the millions of dollars his work brings, to whom is profiting.) The page offers links to other Banksy articles and appropriately only needs the tags 'Banksy and Grafitti' easibly accessible on the right hand side of the  page.

In learning about blogs and the brevity that they are supposed to be, there is not much that I would change. I would link to the latest in the Bansky world of tags rather than his most famous.


  1. The Banksy phenomenon is always intriguing ... using the street as the canvas for public art ... and it raises many questions about what art is and who owns our public spaces. And, I think, can we replicate what Banksy does in our online spaces? How do we make sure "we" all "own" the digital public spaces? We remix, and make art, and tag things, too. Intriguing ..

  2. OHHH! I didn't even think of it that way! How do we then 'tag' in the same way to create social awareness? Wheels are spinning! A lot to ponder, thank you-