Wednesday, June 15, 2016

John Lennon does beatbox...

DS106 Audio Assignment


Keeping true to my passion, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to make some street art 'talk', literally. While surfing through the numerous options, I have to admit, I already had a plan in mind, so I looked for an assignment to match, cheating I know. Here's a little tid bit of history to help you understand, ( I am not normally the cheating kind but...) I just went through a technology PD before school got out and have been playing around with some of the sites that I was exposed to during training. As an Art teacher, you have to understand, most PD's are not relevant, so when one comes along that I can actually utilize, it has a lasting effect. 

The Image

John Lennon, his image speaks for itself, right? This image brings it all, social commentary and my passion for art, street art in particular. I am only sadden that we are nearing the end of the generations that understand just how profound his image is, and what it stands for. What would Lennon say about all the violence today? Yoko powers on, but it's just not the same. In light of all the disparity, I wanted 'Imagine' what Lennon might be doing now, There are so many artists using music as a means of education and empowerment, would he join in with Brother Ali, Language Arts Crew, Roots, Atmosphere, and throw down a little beat about what the world has become? Truth. 

The Sound

As mentioned above, I have become completely enamored with a few Apps that I discovered in a recent training. Incredibox is a fairly new to me, but has been around since 2008. An app that allows you to become your own DJ, my daughter and I spend hours playing around and making music. A completely user friendly interface makes it a breeze to make a simple tune, with more practice you can learn to pause and record the music. There are 4 versions to meet any music lovers taste, try it out, jam on! Students with free time? They LOVE to create a jam and are eager to share the experience, queue engagement, language and instructional conversations in the classroom.

If you can't appreciate the simplicity of Incredibox, and your already more of a DJ and need something a little more sophisticated, try out Beatlab. You can check out other users musical talents and add your own to Beatlab radio on SoundCloud.

                                    The video

Another mesmerizing and completely fun app, Chatterpix. Again a user friendly interface allows the user to take or select a picture and add their voice. I have been using this app in the classroom, and all the kids love it. For the older students, I use the app as an art history lesson, taking a photo of an artist or say the Mona Lisa, and having the picture give the history instead of me, far more entertaining! And with the younger kids, they love to give a voice to their creations. Kindergarten made talking dinosaurs, the dinosaurs told a short story about them selves and what they eat-
Pure magic to a kindergartner, not to mention cross-curricular and   again opportunity for instructional conversations.

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