Thursday, July 14, 2016

Going Old School- Flipping out!

Perhaps one of my favorite Ds106 assignment bank options yet... I love when my digital self and my reality self get to come together to create something, each gets to play an important role in the production, with an end product that both are happy with. At the beginning of my digital adventure in UCD"s Learning with Digital stories, I might have felt crazy talking about my two different persona's, but I now I quite enjoy it.

The assignment: Animated GIF assignment: Sticky note animation

The assignment is quite easy, at least I thought. All you need is a stack of sticky notes and your favorite drawing instrument. The assignment is a good reminder of how much time and energy it took to accomplish something fairly simple before the digital age. For me it was a reminder of my everyday in elementary through High school, all the edges of every book that I had were littered with tiny drawings that took action as you flipped the edges. I love the process of making flip books because it allows any skill level to really create something amazing, so even if you are just about stick figures and contour line drawings, your animation will still work. 

What you see 

Keeping with my graffiti theme, I knew I had to create some sort of spray painting image. Giving homage to the creators of the daily create, I decided to have the artist spray a little ds106 message for the viewers. 

There are so many fantastic stop motion apps, you could even use IMovie, but I used the FREE My stop motion.  I had learned about this app at the DAM, it is so user friendly that even my 5 year old daughter makes her own movies.

 Creating this little film, reminded me off all the flip books that I had made as a child, watching my daughter use the app also reminded me of the entertainment value, and the confidence that students can obtain by completing the project. I am definitely going to add some flip books to my lesson plans next year, good for all ages, and turning them into little digital movies makes them even better. 

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