Thursday, July 14, 2016

You're no Artist: Digital Story Critique

This is a story that broke awhile back, but because I was so disgusted at the 'artist' lack of humanity and intelligence and her use of digital affinity, I wasn't sure how to add it to my affinity space without giving her any more credit or publicity. Unlike Banksy, this little vandals ill-practiced, unskilled, so called drawings leave behind nothing but anger, disgust and open up further mistrust and shows a complete misunderstanding of the use of graffiti as public art.There is no lesson, no social commentary, and nothing to be learned except for what happens when we do not expose our children to the beauties that are our great outdoors. Coming to grips with her unintelligible choices, as I grow my understanding and acceptance for social media, I am finally ready to post about this atrocity, through a digital critique of the story being told rather than the person, I think this will help this post be a little more PG! 

Graffiti Artist Casey Nocket is  now banned from National Parks thanks to Reddit

I want to save 'involvement' for last as it is a huge part of this story, so first lets discuss the appearance of literacy dimensions

Decoding: there are many ways for the user to navigate through the post, with multiple links and side stories of interest that surround the story, I couldn't help but to click on every one. The reader is quickly able to make meaning and rest with an un-bias well written story, I could have never have been so un-bias and calm in writting a story about such a idiot.  The multiple images and links create a whole complete story, including snapshots of persons personal affinity spaces. I think this creates a sense of being there, and hopefully is also a reminder that everything is up for grabs on the great net. 


This is the perfect digital story to show the level of involvement by multiple groups that are all interwoven by one cause on the Internet. Because this not so brilliant, and quite ignorant young lady decided to # all of her work in hopes that people would like and follow her Instagram and Reddit accounts, she was caught and convicted of vandalism. He hopes for followers came true, though probably not following in the manner in which she had hoped. 

The involvement of everyone on the web, not only helped to spread the story while in the making, but it also created a kind of watchful eye in reality. As the story began to be posted and took off on the web, people in reality began looking for this person that was defacing not only just National Parks, but for some sacred ground. it just goes to show how the two worlds can interact in a positive manner. In all this is an important message of the Internet usage, safety and responsibility along with an underlying story of white privilege.

Involvement is continued through the article with all the links, you can even click on the 'artist' Instagram and leave a message if you have an account. 
(Thank you to who ever you are that left her this picture!) And so this also begs the question of art, vandalism and graffiti. Is there a difference, is it where it appears, the skill and aesthetics? Obviously most people that have seen this girls handiwork are against it as art, and I have to agree. As stated above, there is no skill or talent, but what if she had marked up the streets of NYC with her work, would she have been received differently? There is a lot to say for the level of 'street' art that is being circulated today, do you consider these works separate in the world of graffiti than 'tagging'?   

There is not really anything that I would change, I have to admit that I follow the 'Huff' and enjoy most of their articles because they are well written, designed and encourage independent thought and participation from the viewer.

There is a lot to be learned from this article, and for me it was about another social media outlet: Reddit. How does one navigate all these tools? How many social media outlets do you use and what is your favorite?

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